Types Of Testing Software

Software testing is investigation that is carried out in order to inform stakeholders about a product’s quality or services that are currently being tested and there are various types of testing software that allows you to do this. Any defects or failures that occur or are found and any glitches are dealt with so that the product or services are of good quality and do not cause any sort of trouble or annoyance for some reason or the other. In other words, it is perfected so that the service or product is felt to be perfect by all stakeholders.

One of these types of testing software is black box testing where the internal system is disregarded and the test depends solely upon the way the product or service functions in different types of situations and scenarios. Then you’ve got system testing in which the whole system of the product or service is tested. Everything in its system is checked thoroughly so that the manufacturer of the product or provider of the service would be sure of the quality of the product or service prior to putting it before the stakeholders who may get a bad impression if the software testing fails the product or service. Have you ever seen how Apple releases, say, the iPhone 4 and then, the iPhone 4S? This is done after various types of testing software are applied. The reason that the company comes up with another model for the same phone’s series is because the newer and improved version corrects the glitches and issues of the old phone. Certain bugs are removed, the processor is made faster and the software of the phone i

tself is improved as well. This is also the case with the Blackberry. First the company may produce the iOS5 after which you’ll soon hear of the iOS6 and then, recently, iOS7. Why does this happen? This happens because the new iOS (or software) is made so that the errors of the previous one are corrected and the software is debugged and made more efficient.

Acceptance testing is another of the various types of testing software that is used for the same purpose and it used in order to check if the customers’ requirements are met. Perhaps customers may be asked to check out an application before it is launched or put up on AppStores and such like or they may be asked to use the application for a certain time period before the application is made available for sale on AppStore.

Sanity testing is one of those types of testing software where the application is checked out and tested so that the manufacturer of the application knows if it functions properly or if it crashes constantly. If an application constantly crashes it may have to be worked upon further till it works properly. If the application works properly it is considered to be ‘stable’ and if not it is considered to be stable that means it cannot be tested and has to be fixed.