Types Of Software Testing

The various types of software testing that exist today are used in order to be able to correct or fix any glitches in the software of a technological device. This way the device can be used easily, without any issues, and customer complaints would be addressed as well. So many companies around the world use different types of software testing to make more efficient and better performing devices that last for longer too. Some companies may go for one out of the many types of software testing while others would rather go for different types of software testing to make their products more efficient, fast and perform better too.

The types of software testing may be used in security alarms, for mobile phones, tablets, computers and desktops and many other technological gadgets and devices of the sort as well. Sometimes customers may have issues with some of these products and it may be found that the reason due to which the software is not working or responding properly is due to the existence of certain bugs within the software itself. This is where black box testing is important as the customer’s views and complaints are taken into account when making applications and such like. The user and the developer’s perspectives are separated and the developer takes the user’s opinion into account to correct anything that needs to be fixed or corrected where applications and the device itself is concerned. The good part about this is that the code access is not needed.

Then another one of the many types of software testing is the function testing method whereby the software developer ensures that the software application is in conformance with the specifications of the software itself. The system’s compliance to the specifications of the device is checked and this is one of the many types of software testing that is also a type of black box testing. After the types of software testing methods are applied the input and output are checked and if the output is not as it is expected to be or should be the software is then, sent again for the testing and fixed until it is perfected and does comply with the specifications of a device.

Of the various types of software testing, the one that has absolutely nothing to do with the function of the phone and has more to do with the quality of the product itself is non-functional testing. An example of something that this type of testing checks is how many people can log in. Another example of non-functional testing is how fast a touchscreen would respond to a user’s touch or whether or not the touchscreen would hang/lag when the user tries to scroll through options and menus. So you see, it has nothing to do with how the product or software functions and more to do with how it operates externally- as can be seen from the last example given here regarding how fast a phone would respond to a user’s touch.