Types Of Software License Agreements

There are basically two types of software license agreements. They are called as the manual software license agreement and electronic memorandum of the contractual agreement. This agreement takes place between the software producer and the ultimate user. This is the agreement or a deal which states that the producer of the software is granting the permission of using the software to the end user of the software. This is the permission which is known as the agreement which can also be labeled as the end user license agreement. It is a contract which states all the stricture of the several permissions to the end user. When this type of software license takes place among the producer of the software and any business or a government, then it undertakes some exceptional clauses which are pertinent to the agreement. These clauses are exclusively for the licensed software.

Most of the time, the agreement is available in a wrapped manner before it gets installed in any of the systems. After clicking yes on the option of agreeing to all the terms and conditions, the individual is allowed to continue with the process of installation and the use of the software product. The individual can also refuse to the terms and conditions, but doing this he/she will not be allowed to proceed with the installation and using the product as well. Generally, no user has that much of patience that he/she will go with the terms and conditions word by word and they accept all the terms and conditions without even reading.

There is some law copyright which governs the making of the backup copies of the software which has been purchased by an individual. This is the world of computers and here two types of software (copyrighted) are sold. The first one is the open source or the free software and another one is the closed source or proprietary software. This entirely belongs to both the types of software license agreements. Both these types of software license agreements include so many other things and one of the things is that some of them are not added to the copyright statement. This means that there is some of the software which has no copyrights. This type of software is known as the ‘abandon ware’. It is one of those types of software license agreements which cannot be supported or sold by the holder of its copyright. Still, an individual can easily find this software in the market, even though the development and support of this software has been ceased. Also, it is not protected actively and its representation and support system also are not being protected.

This was not about the types of software license agreements only but also it is very important for an individual that basically how this software works in this computer world. This will also help in selecting the type of software for an individual. Also, with a supported and developed software the problem of reading accepting the terms and conditions never arises. That means an individual can trust on such software blindly.