Types Of Small Dogs

What are the types of small dogs? Small dogs have remained man’s favourite pets since their domestication by the early man. There are indigenous and hybrid types of small dogs. The hybrid dogs are as a result of successful biotechnology. Small dogs are identified by both low weights which might range between six to eight pounds however this may vary depending on the dog breed. Most are short with an average height of six to ten inches.

The different types of small dogs include:

The beagle

These types of small dogs are the most common in most parts of the globe. It’s very energetic and can always be used for hunting as it can walk and cover longer distances. It forms a very good pet since it’s very friendly, gentle and loves almost everyone but will always bark if a stranger comes by and thus it a relatively good watchdog. Not every time the beagle howls or barks then it automatically signifies the presence of a stranger. It can always do it while it’s lonely. These types of small dogs are very difficult to train as they are very stubborn and very single-minded.

The Yorkshire terrier

They are very friendly, affectionate and are very friendly with kids. It forms a very good pet as it sheds no hair and therefore keeps its environment very clean all the time. They are very energetic types of small dogs thus being good hunters. They are very good watchdogs as they are very fearless and will always protect its territory by chasing always rodents walking into its territory. Unlike the beagle, the Yorkshire is a very sharp dog as they easily learn new tricks making them very easy to train. They are very popular types of small dogs just like the beagle.

The French bulldog

These are yet other popular types of small dogs but not as popular as the beagle and the Yorkshire. They shed a relatively large amount of air and therefore their environment is not as clean as the other dogs mentioned above. The French bulldog is an indoor dog and therefore it’s not a good watchdog. Mostly, it enjoys snuggling in the couch rolling in the carpet. They’re not very strong and therefore they’re not good hunters either.

The Shih Tzu

Just like the beagle, Shih Tzu is a very difficult dog to train and this makes most people to hate it. It shed no air and averagely energetic. These types of dogs weigh between nine to sixteen pounds with of an average height of about eight to eleven inches. They also have a very unique and distinctive feature; the double coat. Its undercoat is soft and thick whiles the undercoat while the inner coat is soft long and very straight. It’s commonly found in China.

The last types of dogs in this list are the miniature schnauzer. This is a German dog with two coats just like the Shih Tzu. The outer coat is of medium length and wiry while the undercoat is soft, of high density and short in length. These types of small dogs weigh about 10 to 18 pounds with an average height of 11 to 14 inches. They form good pets as they are relatively strong and good watch dogs and shed almost no hair.