Types Of Sharks

What are the different types of sharks? Sharks are sea animals that are dreaded. They can be of many different sizes, aggressiveness, and characteristics. One distinguishing factor, though, that most people fear in sharks is their hundreds of teeth that replenish if they broke. However, there are many different types of sharks that one should know to be able to know how to act when one of them gets close.

Angel sharks are types of sharks that are quite rare. They can mostly be mistaken for stingrays as they look much like them. These types of sharks are not meat eaters. Even with their large size, they eat only clams and other mollusks. They are mostly brown and can blend well in the ocean floor where they get the food they eat.

Hammerheads are types of sharks that can be very scary. This is, however, a huge misconception. Hammerheads are not likely to attack, unless they are provoked. They got their name from the shape of their heads – much like a hammer, so to speak. The only time the hammerheads are aggressive is when they are using their exquisite sense of smell when they are in search for prey.

Blue sharks are types of sharks that are the fastest swimmers. They are slender and thin by nature, although they eat a lot. They can grow quite large, as well, as they can grow up to 12 feet. They are actually considered to be the most dangerous of all the types of sharks that are in the sea. They are known to attach people aggressively.

Reef sharks are types of sharks that can usually be found in reefs. They are known to be loners and do not interact with other types of sharks. They can grow up somewhere around 6 feet long, have fins with black tips, white underneath and grey on the top part.

The great white sharks are pretty much the most common types of sharks. They are also very dangerous, much like the blue sharks. They are, however, very huge. They can grow up to 12 feet and can weigh up to 3000 pounds. These sharks are the ones that are commonly seen by humans peeping over the water. They can be seen all over the world too and are commonly seen by humans.

Tiger sharks are types of sharks that are very large. They enjoy warm water. This is why most tiger sharks are seen in tropical waters of the world. Many of these tiger sharks can be seen in Hawaii, but most of the tiger sharks that exist can be seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

Whale sharks are the biggest of all types. They are known to be able to grow up to 25 feet and can weigh up to 30000 pounds. However, the good thing about these types is that even with their huge size, they are not aggressive. They are actually among the most gentle of sharks as they only eat plankton and other small creatures such as jellyfish, mollusks, and squids.