Types Of Servers

What are the different types of servers? Servers are computers that have the main function of running one or more services – hence the name. There are many different needs that computers in a network may have. To ensure these needs are met, a server computer is fixed and programmed. These servers run protocols that provide a diverse number of services. This is why multiple types of servers are born. There are different types of servers. The main types of servers are server platforms, application servers, audio video servers, chat servers, and many others.

Server platforms are types of servers that are fundamental for a system. This is because these types of servers act as an engine that ensures that the server runs perfectly. This is why these types of servers are often used with operating systems. Application servers are among the middleware types. Middleware, as the name implies, are software that acts as middle men between two different softwares. Application servers are those that connect software to one another. They are the ones that employ a considerable amount of computing area between the two.

Audio Video servers are servers that provide the computer network with different multimedia capabilities. These multimedia capabilities are used by the types of servers to broadcast or host multimedia content. Next, we have the chat server. As the name implies, these are types of servers that hosts chat rooms. In other words, these are servers that enable the exchange of data in real time. Fax servers are types of servers best used by companies who want to make the most out of their telephone resources. You see, fax machines can allow calls to get in and out. They allow users to fax as well. The best part is that the fax servers are very affordable to install and use.

FTP servers are types of servers that are used by the internet during their first generation. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. As the name implies, these servers allow the secure exchange of files and other important data from one computer to another. Groupware server is software that is mainly designed to allow people and networks of computer to work together. Here, the physical location of the people doesn’t matter. As long as they are in the same groupware server, then they will be able to connect to each other.

The IRC servers are servers much like the chat servers. IRC stands for Internet relay chat. The main difference of the IRC servers to the chat servers is that these ones are more basic and less graphical than the chat. The list servers are those that provide the easiest way to manage mailing lists. These can be forms of forums or other open interactive discussions. Mail servers, as their name implies, are servers that handle the exchange of emails. These servers operate in the different network types – LAN, WAN, and even the internet. News servers are servers that act as public news group source. Proxy servers, lastly, are servers that are acting as mediators between client programs and external programs.