Types Of Research Methodology

In life, we will need to perform many types of research methodology and this is why we should make sure that we are able to understand them clearly. You see, whether we are using it in our business or at school it is still a very important thing to make sure that you are able to perform the right types of research methodology.

Basic research is the most simple of all the types of research methodology. Here, the study or the research is done for the sole benefit of the researcher. The goal of the basic types of research methodology is to make sure that the person gets knowledge. Most of the time, this is done for the welfare of that person, as well as plant and animal welfare too. Remember that in basic research, there will be no aims to invent or solve anything. As long as you need to know something for your own benefit, it is called a basic research.

Applied types of research methodology are those that are made to solve problems. There are many different scenarios that we can be in where we will have questions that we need to be answered. This is where applied types of research methodology will be needed the most. Here, the goal is always to be able to improve the condition of the people. The goal is to be able to solve something and hence the bigger problems will mean that it can be more expensive. However, most applied types of research methodology that are large scale are needed by organizations and hence they are the ones who will fund it.

Quantitative types of research methodology are the research methods of getting numerical data for the goal of being able to compare them and study them. Most of the time, quantitative research is used in statistics and other numerical areas such as commerce and economics. As the name implies, quantitative research is based on quantities and hence they are mostly used in the social sciences.

Lastly, qualitative types of research methodology are the research methods that are used to get raw data and get to interpret them. Basically, the process of qualitative research will involve data collecting, data analyzing, and interpretation that is dependent on what a person will say. This simply means that these types of research methodology are reliant on definitions and meanings. They will describe things in order to get to understand problems – and not solve them, mind you. There are many types of qualitative research too, such as the phenomenology which pertains to understanding a phenomenon, ethnography which aims to describe and study culture or ethnicity, case studies which gives details regarding certain cases, and grounded theories wherein the data is based on the observations that are made when they are developed.

Make sure that you understand these things as this will allow you to come up with the best results in your research. Research, no matter which one, are all facts and therefore you should make sure that you will indeed by giving out facts.