Types Of Research Literature

You know how you have to make the reference page and the bibliography for the materials that you used at the end of any formal research you may have conducted? Think of various types of research literature serving the same purpose but in somewhat more detail. You research literature is a summary or introduction of sorts for your research topic. You must not treat your literature review as you would your topic of research- you literature review is more of a summary. You could make it while keeping in mind those points that you would add to your introduction and concluding paragraph.

There are various types of research literature (which are also known as literature reviews of your research) and one of these includes those that are part of a research report. You may have to make a report about something- countries that support and are against gay rights, numbers of people getting affected by AIDS or the increase in the rate of crimes are examples of these types of reports- and in each case you would have to inform the person reading your report about your findings. Naturally, you must have gone through some website, book, article or journal to solidify your points or to help you come up with the material that you have included in your report. In these types of research literature you have to tell the person checking your report that you have used other people’s material for your reports. If you haven’t done this you could be held liable for plagiarism. Use citations and quotations and quotation marks so that your examiner or anyone who reads your report knows that some of your material has

been taken from other sources and is not yours originally. If anything is original you have to state this as well.

Another of the many types of research literature is that which is part of a research proposal. This can be used by someone wanting to get a PhD, for a senior thesis or in a class project as well. They can also be used by companies and people seeking grants from the government or the governmental departments for a project. A summary of the work or research to be carried out is given in these types of research literature. You may even need this if you want to get money to be able to carry out research on a particular topic. Several R&D companies make such types of research literature because it helps the reader get a brief idea of what your proposal is all about.

Then there are stand-alone literature review articles which is also one of the numerous types of research literature in which an overview is given regarding research on a topic or on a question that is put before a researcher for which he is to go through different types of material and is able to reveal certain weaknesses, dubious points or controversies in research that was previously carried out on a topic too.