Types Of Research Limitations

When conducting a research study, there will be types of research limitations that you will get to encounter. These types of research limitations will give you a more specific road to take to be able to come up with the results that you need to support your research study.

The sample size is among the types of research limitations that you should be wary about. When you are conduction a research study, there will be times when you will not have enough people to observe or investigate. There are times that the sample size available for you may be too small. In these cases, you will have to adjust your research criteria for the sample size to be enough for you to come up with relevant and accurate values.

Sometimes, you will get to encounter lack of reliable data as types of research limitations too. Depending on the research you are conducting, there will be times when the available data in front of you will not be sufficient for you to get accurate and reliable numbers. You will need to explain these types of research limitations in your study for the readers to be able to understand why you only have the results that you will be able to present to them.

Lack of prior research studies are common types of research limitations too. There are many times when you will research on topics that are not yet familiar to many people. When this occurs, you will need to explain and specify that there is indeed a lack of research studies prior to yours for you to base your research on. However, this can be tricky types of research limitations as you will have to make sure first that you are able to consult with librarians around you.

Access is a very common example of the types of research limitations. Most research studies involve interviewing people from different places, organizations to visit and the like. It is important that you are able to go to these places and see these people, but you will not always be able to and this is why they are considered types of research limitations.

Language fluency can be among the types of research limitations too. Sometimes, there are people who you need to get input from but cannot speak English well. This brings about a huge hindrance in your research study and this is why you have to specify it as a part of your research limitations, as these information is important for your study but we just cannot conduct.

If your research will need data that is self-reported, then it should also be listed as part of the limitations of your studies. You see, no matter how sure you are about the data and information that you are putting into the research, these kinds of data cannot be verified often and this is why they belong to the limitations area of your study. Just remember that in research studies it is alright that you are not able to do everything – as long as you indicate why.