Types Of Research Design Studies

For various types of research and studies there different designs- this is similar to writing in the sense that not all forms of writing have the same structure or requirements and so, similarly, there are different types of research design studies. Different studies make use of different types of research designs. In some studies the design would be different due to statistical values while in others it would be due to qualitative information and/or such like.

There are those types of research design studies that pertain to quantitative studies. In quantitative studies the information given has more to do with numbers and numerical figures and nothing to do with qualitative information. So an example would be, “the crime rate has increased by 50 % as due to a population growth of 45% in the past few years”. The information consists of numbers as can be seen. The design of such studies would allow you to prove a hypotheses right or to prove it wrong which is why quite a few scientists and researchers tend to go for these types of research design studies. The downside to these types of research design studies is that they tend to be expensive though.

Another of the various types of research design studies is the case study research design. What happens in case studies is that when a certain “case” comes into light it is analyzed and researched upon so that one is able to determine why things turned out to be the way they did. Basically, a broad study is narrowed down. So, for example, the broad study may be about how sales of laptops have increased in the past few years while an example of the case study would be how sales of Dell laptops have increased in comparison to HP laptops and the reasons behind this.

Then there are pilot studies that are also types of research design studies. These are a “diet” version of a proper study and researchers first carry out pilot studies and once some points and factors are determine they go ahead with more extensive research and other types of research design studies. So, for example, they may first carry out a pilot study regarding how something happens and then, carry out quantitative and qualitative research in order to compile a more complete and detailed version of the same studies to give themselves a clearer picture.

Qualitative types of research design studies have more to do with information that is not numerical in any way. So, the information collected and provided would be free of such values and figures because what is collected is information that is free of numbers. These types of research design studies are much broader but it is exploratory and the information collected is in the forms of pictures, videos and words as well. It is subjective and researchers using these types of research design studies look into a matter from a subjective point of view.

These are some types of research design studies.