Types Of Research Clinical

There are several types of research clinical that people can get involved either as volunteers or as patients. There are different terms used in describing the different types of research clinical, including protocols, trials, research, studies, clinical trials, and clinical studies. People participate in research clinical in order to achieve certain goals. They may be trying to evaluate the different ways genetics are associated with particular illness, study trends, identify causes of illness, or trying to develop new medications or treatments. There are strict rules guiding the different types of research clinical which have been set by the FDA. While some of the research can be of direct benefit to the participants, others may not benefit them straightaway but may give scientists more information on better methods and procedures to follow to help people. One very critical part of research clinical is confidentiality which ensures that only those with the required authority are allowed access to the information gathered. It equally means that medical information and all personal information of the trial participants are known only by the researchers and individual patients. In most cases, results obtained from the research findings will be presented based on overall findings or current trends and the specific participants will not be mentioned.

A lot of people believe that if they participate in a research study, it may help change their present treatment. But this might not be the case as past research studies have proved. Although some research studies might need the participant to try new treatments or medication, some other studies may utilize procedures such as genetic evaluation test, behavioral observation, psychological tests, and brain scans. These types of research clinical may not necessarily bring any chance in the medication or treatment.

The different types of research clinical are presented below which are based on what the researcher is trying to establish or find out.


Also known as clinical research, these types of research clinical is generally based on an intervention like radiation therapy, new devices, psychotherapy, medication, and other new surgery approaches.


These types of types of research clinical are carried out to find alternative ways disorders can be prevented from returning or developing. They may be observed to study lifestyle change, minerals, vaccines, vitamins, and other medicines that can be used as preventive medicines.

Diagnostic research clinical

This deals with looking for ways of identifying a particular condition or disorder.


These are intended to look for alternative ways of detecting certain health conditions or disorders.

Quality of life

These types of research clinical are equally known as supportive care and are intended to find ways of providing more comfort for those suffering from chronic illness.

Genetic studies

These are carried out in order to increase the understanding of how illness and genes may relate. This area aims to explore how an individual’s gene may make him more or less susceptible to a particular kind of disorder. Findings from this research can result to the development of a therapy that is tailor made for that particular gene.

Epidemiological studies

These are undertaken to find out the patterns, reasons, and the management of illnesses or disorder in a particular group of people.