Types Of Research By Purpose

types of research by purpose

Researches are the study done on a particular topic by setting certain criteria in order to obtain some relevant and important data. Researches can be classified into different types of research by purpose.


These are the types of research by purpose of exploring a particular field of interest or a topic of relevance. Researches based on the purpose of exploration can be of individual interest or it also can be something that is of social importance. However, such types of research by purpose occurs generally when the researcher comes across new topic of his interest or when the research subject itself is new. In market research, research for exploring is done mainly by conducting the study on focus groups or small group discussions.

The main purposes of exploratory researches are to satisfy the researcher’s curiosity or to plan methods for future implementation in subsequent studies.


These are the types of research by purpose, which are done for describing particular situations. The researcher gathers required data and analyzes them to prepare a report that will act as a sufficient description for certain things. An example for researches done for the purpose of description is the US census report. The US census report is the explanation for so many things related to the population of the country.

Researches done on crime rates, road accidents and such topics are other examples of research for description. Usually most of the qualitative studies set the primary goal as description.


This is another type of research among the types of research by purpose that is done for explaining things. Answers for questions such as what, when etc. are obtained from descriptive research and this can be extracted from the data collected during the study. In an explanatory research, the research answers the question why?

For example, if a descriptive research on census of a particular state gives the answer regarding how many new born in a year, an explanatory research answers the reason for variation in birth rate or death rate. A descriptive research might give answer for the crime rate of a particular state where as an explanatory research explains why the crime rate is so and so.


Applied researches are the types of research by purpose that are done with the sole intention of application. In these types of research, various data will be collected and analyzed to make decisions that should be implemented for future benefit. A research study done on number of vehicles registered every year is used for implementing various traffic regulations or to develop the roads.

In an applied research, principles and theories will be used for formulating methods that can be implemented in various fields.


Evaluation research is done to check if the decisions made previously did actually serve for the purpose it was intended to. Any development or changes made in the past will be analyzedf and evaluated to make necessary modifications.