Types Of Research By Method

Gathering information to support a fact is called research and there are many types of research by method. No matter what kind of field you are in, no matter how old or young you may be, the information about the types of research by method will greatly help as it will give you a better idea about which of them you can use for whatever kinds of information that you need to gather.

The most common types of research by method are experimentations. Here, you will get to do many different things to get the data that you need for your research. Alternatively, you will be asked to replicate different kinds of situations that will be relevant for the study that you are conducting. The goal of the experimentation types of research by method is to make sure that you will be able to conduct tests to be able to measure the abilities of the study.

Survey types of research by method are data gathering methods that pertain to large numbers of people. This is because surveys normally entail a pen, a paper, and a person to answer them. There are some survey types of research by method that can be conducted as interviews too. However, the best and the most preferred method of the people will always be through the pen and paper – or website surveys these days. There are two main types of survey. The first one is called one shot survey because the survey is conducted at a certain time to a certain group of people. The second is called before and after survey because here, the respondents answer the survey before the event and after they have gotten experience from it.

Questionnaire types of research by method are done when a large number of people are involved. This is basically like interviewing too however given that there will be many respondents to these types of research by method, time will not be enough to interview them one by one. This is why questionnaires are needed. Most of the time, these types of research by method are composed of multiple choice questions as this gives the researchers control over the research method. There are also some researchers that use both open ended and close ended questions to get the information about the study.

Interviews are face to face types of research by method. Here, the researcher will get a number of people who will be answering the questions that they have to be able to clarify things for their study. Interviews can be formal or informal too, depending on the study as well as the people who will be interviewed for it. It can be done online as well as there are now video calls available online. In conducting interviews, it is always important to record the conversation to make sure that everything will be verified and checked. Of all the research methods, this is the one that will need many different levels of permission to ensure that it can take place.