Types Of Research And Examples

When it comes to research we think of looking for material for a topic without keeping one point in- there are various types of research and examples would help us understand these kinds of research. Sometimes you may be researching for yourself or you may be researching for your thesis. In other cases students may be researching for their topics or exams and more material may be required to substantiate an exam. So there are various types of research and examples include online research, quantitative research, qualitative research, academic research and these are just some of the various types of research and examples.

Academic research is one of the many types of research and examples include researching on some topics and including these in textbooks and such like. For example, the material a student reads in his or her book in school is all the product of academic research carried out by people in a particular field. If you are, say, a biology student and look towards the end of your book you will find many references and doctors’ names there. These are all people involved in the field of biology or in a field that has something to do with biology itself.

Then, there is qualitative research which is another of the many types of research and examples include material that have everything but for numerical value. Qualitative research has nothing to do with numbers and so, nothing that is quantified and no statistics or statistical information is mentioned in such material and research. So, an example of a research of this sort is ‘Researchers have discovered that we are mostly affected by how we think as this has a direct impact on our lives and on what we attract to ourselves’. You see, the words used here are general and just talk about what researchers have discovered. Nothing that is mentioned has a numerical value attached to it. This is qualitative research.

Quantitative research has everything to do with numbers, numerical values and statistics and nothing to do with words- it is basically the opposite of qualitative research and is different qualitative types of research and examples include information such as ‘As per research 98% of our lives are affected by our thought processes. It has been discovered that there is an 80% chance that you can change your life by thinking positively and distracting yourself from negative thoughts’. Statistics are mentioned in this sentence. Our ability to change our lives by positive thinking has been explained in numbers, statistics, quantities and percentages rather than words.

These are just some types of research and examples of these types. Though you will find material that relies heavily on words or numbers but in most cases you will see that quantitative and qualitative research, both are include in books, textbooks and such like. This is because what numbers can explain, words may not be able to and at the same time what words can explain numbers may not be able to.