Types Of Poetry Styles

There are various types of poetry styles nowadays and while some of these are written for children and student, others are written just because they make an interesting read. Many people enjoy reading poetry more than they like reading novels and story books and that is why you would come different types of poetry styles if you happen to check out their collections. Not all poems are written the same way- just as all books or novels aren’t written the same way or related to the same topic. There are countless types of poetry styles.

One of the many types of poetry styles is those that are written in order to tell a certain story in the form of a poem or to explain a certain event in the form of a story instead. These are known as epic poems and they tend to be quite long. They focus on a villain and/or a hero and they are usually reflective of the poet’s thoughts and they are products of his/her imagination. In other cases these may be used metaphorically to explain something or someone in society as well. It was not uncommon for these types of poetry styles to be written for this purpose.

The rhyming style is another of the many types of poetry styles. Some people tend to think that nursery rhymes and these types of poetry styles are similar or are alike but that is not the case. These types of poetry styles may be used in order to rhyme one stanza with the next or in order to rhyme alternate stanzas instead. These may be used in order to refer to any topic, event, person or being and these too are product of the poet’s imagination in some cases while in others they are merely used to be able to explain the poet’s thoughts.

Then there are those types of poetry styles where the poem written focuses on folklore or legends- things that didn’t really happen or fictional creatures and such like. Think of these as smaller (but more imaginative) versions of epic poems instead. The difference between the two types of poetry styles is that in epics a story may be told generally and for no purpose as such but those that focus on legends, known as ballads, usually convey a certain lesson or meaningful message to anyone who reads them.

Do you remember how your teacher made you write an essay on “Myself” in which you had to explain yourself and how you are and what you like or dislike too? Well, some types of poetry styles are similar to those and they are known as name poems- they can be biographical or they may be autobiographical- the main purpose is to explain a person or to explain yourself to another person and they may not be as elaborative or detailed as the essay version of the same thing.

These are some of the many types of poetry styles that you would come across.