Types Of Poetry Rhyme Schemes

There are rhyme schemes in everything that we see or come and there are different types of poetry rhyme schemes just as there are rhyme schemes in songs and different genres of songs and such like. Pay attention to songs next time and you would find different types of rhymes and similarly if you read different types of poems you would come across different types of poetry rhyme schemes as well.

One of the many types of poetry rhyme schemes are cinquains in which the rhyming scheme is as follows A,B,A,B,B. So the first and the third stanza rhyme with one another while the second stanza rhymes with the fourth and the fifth ones. These types of poetry schemes are even used in songs and such like. These are simplistic and easy to understand which is why children are frequently taught poetry that use these types of poetry rhyme schemes. They are also easy to remember for children and tend to make it easier for kinds to understand some things. Cinquains are just five lines long and can focus on any topic- usually they focus on simple topics or some cinquains are written to introduce children to the world of poetry.

Then, there are limericks which are meant to be amusing and they focus on topics but in a comical manner. The types of poetry rhyme schemes in these poems are as follows- AABBA. The first, second and the fifth stanza rhyme with one another while the third and the fourth rhyme with one another too. Limericks are funny poems that are written for children and like cinquains they tend to be short and concise. They may focus on any subject matter or topic and some limericks are also quite fun to read for adults too.

Some types of poetry rhyme schemes are unique but quite difficult to understand or memorize. These are usually included in English Literature courses and they are part of sonnets which, when translated into English from Italian, means little songs. There are different types of sonnets and they have different types of poetry rhyme schemes. Here is an example of a Shakespearean – ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. They are difficult to read or interpret at first because of the fact that the different stanzas rhyme at different points. For example, the first stanza rhymes with the third one and the second with the fourth one after which the rhyming patterns of these become irrelevant.

These are examples of just some of the many types of poetry rhyme schemes which tend to be taught to children or are made part of Literature courses though there are plenty others that aren’t necessarily used for either purposes and in some cases there may be no rhyming of the stanzas as well. In these poems the stanzas are completely different from each other and none of them rhyme at all. Poems do not always have to rhyme just because they are poems. Quite a few poems do not rhyme at all.