Types Of Poetry In Literature

You do not have to be a poet to want to know the types of poetry in literature. You see, poems are interesting pieces of literature. They are straightforward but sweet. They are short but they are deep. Getting to know the types of poetry in literature can give you a good idea on how you can explore the world of poems in literature.

Lyric types of poetry in literature are reflective poetry that carries rhyme schemes. If you read lyric types of poetry in literature, you will notice that there is a thought and there are feelings that are being shared to you by the poet who wrote it.

Narrative types of poetry in literature are those that tell a story. They are objective too. These are the ones that are the most straightforward of all as it has regular rhymes in them.

Sonnets are types of poetry in literature that come in 14 line verses. They have different kinds of variable structure and there are different kinds of schemes that it follows as well.

Odes are types of poetry in literature that signifies a dignified theme. They are considered to be a more elaborate version of the lyric and most of the time they are written dedicated to someone.

Blank verse types of poetry in literature are poems that do not have rhymes while free verses are the ones that do not have a rhythm.

An epic is a poem that is known to be long. It is considered by many as a narrative poem that was dignified and a more elaborate version. In epics you will notice characters that will show. They are the heroes of the poem and they are known well in the place where they are born.

Dramatic monologues are types of poetry in literature that tells the dramatic story of the speaker’s life. If you listen closely to these types of poetry in literature you will get to know the person on a deeper level too and this is why not many people participate in thy.

An elegy is a poem that has the goal of lamenting. It is a form of lyric poems that meditates on death of certain individuals.

Ballads are lyric poems too they are known to be simple, though. They are of a narrative verse as well and they tell a story too – the main difference is that they are sung or recited with music.

The idyll pertains to lyric poems that tell the story of in pastoral terms. These can also be told in idealistic expressions.

A villanelle is a lyric poem too that is known to come from France. The verses of these are calculated strictly and they have fixed numbers of lines and refrains.

Light verses are poems written with the goal of entertaining. There are some who write serious versions of light verses but they are in a parody or a satire scheme.

Lastly we have Haikus, a popular form of poetry. This is popularized in Japan and depicts a delicate image of nature.