Types Of Poetry Examples

There are different types of poetry examples as they can be written to address different situations and environments. They can be funny, sad, pure, about death, or about family. Below are the most common ones:

Family poetry

These types of poetry examples are written specifically to talk about the family of the poet or families in general. It can be based on a father, mother, sister, brother, or other members of the family. And when poets write about families, it can either be good or bad. In so many of these types of poetry examples, the poet writes about either his father or mother. A poem written to note goodness may be talking about how the mom has taken good care of them. However, if they are not written in a good way, the poem may be addressing how the mother or father didn’t show them the care they needed.

Death poetry

These types of poetry examples are always written about the death of someone close to the poet or an important figure. It may be about the poet’s friend or relative and the poem is written to honor the demised with respect to how they lived their lives and how much they loved them.

Pure Poetry

Pure poetry always takes the form of religion. Those who write these types of poetry are religious believers and the writing style always take the form of Christian poetry. Poems of this nature can be written to acknowledge the powers and existence of God or written with pure words. A good example of a pure poetry is a poem written about the good things that can be found in the world. Another good example is writing about how people are subjected to sufferings and starvation by the elites.

Sad poetry

Sad poems are written to express dismay or sadness over an incident or over somebody. When a poet writes about sad things, he/she may not necessarily be in a sad state. These types of poetry examples are written for several reasons including a hurt feeling or the death of somebody. It is also written when someone is heartbroken and falls out of love with a spouse. Also, a poet who lost someone so dear to him/her can decide to write a sad poem.

Funny poetry

This is one of the types of poetry examples that cannot be written by all poets. One quality of being able to write funny poet is to have a comedic mind, and not all writers have this quality. A funny poem can be written on various topics but it must be amusing to be considered a funny poem. An example of a funny poem is writing about how someone is having difficulties getting rid of roaches in his apartment.

Inspirational poetry

This is one of the most popular among all types of poetry examples . It is a type of poetry that is written for different reasons. It is mainly written to inspire someone to take an action or to help someone stop an addiction. A good example of this type of poetry is writing about how someone was able to overcome drug addiction.