Types Of Poems In English

Poet or not, getting to know the types of poems in English will always be a good idea. You see, there are so many different poetic languages that you must be able to get to know. There are many different types of poems in English too that you can make good use of if you know how they are written. This being said, let us discuss the most common ones right here.

Sonnets are among the oldest types of poems in English. Born during the 13th century, sonnets are composed of 14 lines and have a logical structure. They are mostly about love too and use vivid words to express strong feelings and emotions. As the years went by, the composition of these types of poems in English have changed and they are now more laid back and relaxed when it comes to the pattern and rhythmic patterns.

Sestinas are types of poems in English that have a pattern of six. There are six lines that were not rhymed and there are six stanzas too. The end part of these types of poems in English is just a 3 line stanza.

Villanelles are types of poems in English that are characterized by 19 lines. They are known to have two different refrains that are used in the third line and the first line of each of the stanzas. During the 19th century, there are many poets who wrote villanelle poems including Elizabeth bishop and Dylan Thomas.

Tanka poems are types of poems in English that pertain to unrhymed syllables and lines. They follow a pattern with 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 structures. The tone shifts constantly in these types of poems in English too. They are known to explore and share thoughts and feelings of the person writing it rather than use themes that will interest the public.

Odes are types of poems in English that originated from Greece. There are many different kinds and forms of these poems as it is known worldwide during the time that it was introduced. The topics and subjects of these poems are normally those that are serious. They can show massive conflicts and argumenting perspectives but as the poem goes by these conflicts will get to be resolved in ways you wouldn’t be able to expect.

When a poem is acrostic it means that the topic that is being talked about is given in the first letters of each line of the poem, as you can see it vertically aligned. Alphabet poets are those that begin each line from the letters of the alphabet. Ballads are the ones that talk about love and romance and mostly played with accompanied music. There are even poems that are called monster poems these are the poems that will explain and describe how a monster that is imaginary is devastating a child. A narrative, on the other hand, will tell you a story of pretty much any kind of topic that you will surely have fun reading.