Types Of Poems Emily Dickinson Wrote

Emily Dickinson was and still is one of the most well-known American poets and there are various types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote and she is said to be the best poet of all times. Quite a few of her poems are included in the syllabuses of school in the United States. Her work has immortalized her and her name and work is known to many people in the world. She belonged to a successful family though she herself was thought to be eccentric by the locals of her hometown, Amherst, Massachusetts but her work/poems had a powerful impact upon many, upon society and especially upon women.

One of the many types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote included prayers in which she prayed to ‘the Lord’ and dedicated hymns to Him and praised Him. These types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote are read by many who go to Church and many students now have to read these types of poems too. The poems are now a part of many syllabuses and many can relate to them because of which it has become a kind of a practice to read these poems written by Dickinson. Many people read these poems in Church too.

Another of the many types of poem Emily Dickinson wrote include declarations where the poet was able to state and make certain facts known to all. These created an impact upon people because they were able to relate to Dickinson as they felt that they were going through things that she wrote about in her poems. Her poem ‘I’m wife- I’ve finished that’ is an example of one such poem that Dickinson wrote. Many women were able to relate to Dickinson’s life but socially it was thought that the role of a wife is important and many criticized her for her feminist approach too.

Landscape descriptions are also included in the types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote. She used many metaphors and similes in order to describe various types of landscape. She uses different types of words and phrases so that the reader is able to vividly imagine everything. In some cases she may have had an emotional attachment to these landscapes while in others she used poetry to speak of landscapes that she imagined and that gave her peace. These types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote are also referred to as imagery poetry because the reader is able to imagine these types of landscapes.

These are just some of the numerous types of poems Emily Dickinson wrote though there are so many others. The thing about her poetry is that many saw her as a feminist. She made a lot of references to Hell and Heaven and has written many confessional poems too where she confessed to a lot. Her poems were and still are powerful and have had a powerful impact upon society today. Even back then, when the US society was considered to be patriarchic, her poems had an impact upon the social structure in so many ways