Types Of Personality Behaviors

When it comes to personalities, you would see that every person is unique in his or her own way and that is where the types of personality behaviors show how every person is different. In some cases, some people may have similar qualities and traits too but in others they may be very different from one another. You may think that a pair of twins would think and act similarly but the types of personality behaviors vary in this case as well because every person thinks in their own way and has a different outlook to life and certain aspects of it.

One of the types of personality behaviors are those that belong to individuals with the type A personality. These guys tend to be high strung and they work very hard without feeling much joy, contentment or effort when they are working. It would be safe to call workaholics because they are addicted to work and like feeling productive- no matter how they may get this feeling and they are always involved in their work. They overreact and get tense very easily. They tend to shout, snap and stress out under situations that are not as problematic as they may seem to these personalities and so their types of personality behaviors are more high strung.

These people have those types of personality behaviors that could cause them to die at an early age. They also have levels of cortisol and stress hormones in their bodies which could affect their health. They tend to push people away without knowing that they are doing so and they may genuinely not understand how they are doing this. They are very aggressive, competitive and hostile. These types of personality behaviors make it difficult for them to make friends at all and they also tend to be very suspicious of people and their motives.

Then there are people with type B personalities and these guys are more opposite and have types of personality behaviors that are quite opposite to people with type A personalities because they are way more relaxed. They take things one at a time and once they get one task done, they move on to the next. They are more open and friendlier than types of personality behaviors that type A personalities have. They are also more expressive while people with types of personality behaviors that belong to type A personalities tend to be more emotionally guarded and are not very good at expressing themselves.

Those types of personality behaviors that belong to the type B personalities tend to live longer and happier lives. Both, men and women, have both types of personalities. While some people may tilt more towards the types of personality behaviors that belong to type A or B personalities, there are those who may be somewhere in the middle. Some people may be tense about some things while other issues may not stress them out as much instead.

These are the two main types of personality behaviors.