Types Of Personalities

What are the different types of personalities? At some point, you’ve likely taken an online test to tell you about your personality. You may have gotten results stating that you are a risk-taker, a deep-thinker, a thrill-seeker, or possibly all of the above. There are many types of personalities, just as there are many different types of people. Categorizing an individual into a specific personality type is in many ways confining, though there are certain personality characteristics we can identify in ourselves. The broad spectrum of personality types makes it nearly impossible to limit any one person into one type, though the following descriptions of types of personalities can at least be used to provide a source of reflection or perhaps introspection about your own personality.

The Thinker: A wide array of individuals can fall into this category. People who are naturally introspective and self-aware tend to spend a good deal of time in contemplation. These types of personalities may also be academically-oriented or prefer more time to themselves than in the company of others. This does not necessarily mean that thinkers do not enjoy group activities; rather, they value the space within the mind and want the freedom to pursue activities they find particularly interesting, whether it be of a creative or intellectual nature. People in this group may also have a tendency to ruminate or to worry more frequently than others, which might make them appear quiet or tense on the surface.

The Juggler: People with these types of personalities are typically busy and engaged in a number of things at once. They may be intrigued by a multitude of things, and as such, become involved in numerous groups, projects, activities, or obligations. People with these types of personalities have a tendency to manage stress well and to multitask-an important skill in today’s world. While they may not have the time to dedicate themselves fully to one thing, they will certainly put forth their best effort. The worst-case scenario for these types of personalities is taking on too much and being unable to fulfill what seems to be an equally important number of tasks or activities. Jugglers may have difficulties with prioritizing, though for some, this is their strongest skill. As with all types of personalities, there are always variations.

The Socially-Minded: The socially-minded individual often craves the company of others, sometimes to the exclusion of necessary time to him or herself. They may also neglect other duties and obligations in favor of spending time with friends and acquaintances. There are, of course, highly balanced, socially-minded personality types who manage to be social butterflies while still attending to important matters. These types of personalities often enjoy getting out of the house, exploring new environments, and engaging in extensive conversations. They likely have a wide social network and might have difficulties finding time to nurture all of the friendships they have built. Because of this, they are also likely to keep a datebook and are more prone to scheduling time with friends rather than engaging in spontaneous interactions.