Types Of Network Virus

There are many types of network virus as they are also the types of virus that affect pretty much any kinds of computer systems. You see, the types of network virus are viruses too but they are spread all throughout the network. This is why it is important for you to be able to identify the many different kinds of types of network virus as to be able to get to know what to do when you suspect your system to be contaminated with it.

The boot sector virus belongs to the types of network virus. Basically, this is a virus that will target and victimize the boot sector of the host computer system. When this is spread all throughout the network, then it will destroy the boot sector of all the computer systems in the network. These are old types of network virus though, as they were made obsolete by the use of the internet.

The browse hijacker viruses are among the types of network virus too. Here, the virus will target the web browser of the computer. When the browser gets infected already, it will spread all throughout the network and hence all the computers’ browsers will be affected. It will not really harm your system, though. It will just control your browser to point at a certain website when you search for something – and hence they are used by many paid advertisement users.

The direct action viruses are one of the types of network virus as well. These are the types of viruses that go to work only when the infected file gets executed. When it is not, the virus somehow just sleeps as if it was not there. When it is awoken, though, it can spread all throughout the network and infect more and more files as they are awake.

The file infector viruses are much like the direct action ones. However, these types of network virus are the ones that will really create damage to your computer system. The file infector viruses take action too when the infected file is executed. These ones, however, do not stop when they have been awoken already. They will overwrite files and destroy them. They can multiply too and not stop doing so. This being said, it is not good to have these viruses around. Make sure that you either quarantine or delete all files that have become infected with these types of network virus.

The macro virus is one of the most dreaded viruses back in the day. These types of network virus are the one that will infect files and documents that use macros in them. This means that they can infect word processing files, spreadsheets, and even email clients. For the email clients, these viruses can copy automatically infected emails and send it all over your contact list, hence spreading the virus. There are other forms of these viruses wherein word documents will become unusable and hence should be taken out right away before it can damage all other macro using files and documents in your computer system too.