Types Of Network Security

What are the different types of network security? We employ the use of computers so much these days. Whether we are at home or at work, we use computers to store the important data and information that we need. We also keep valuable information there that we need to keep safe and secure. Therefore, it is important that the networks our computers are connected with are safe and secure. This is why there have been quite a lot of types of network security being introduced these days.

The first among the types of network security is physical security. These are the types of network security that ensure that the computer networks are safe from physical harm such as fire, water, natural disasters and unauthorized access. They are the type that makes sure that the restrictions of the computer system are met and followed by the computers that are connected to them. Also, these include verification systems, alarms, and even video monitoring.

The second of many types of network security is perimeter protection. The perimeter protection type of network security, as the name implies, are what divides your computer system from computers from the rest of the world, if you are online. It can be physical or virtual, too. Some components of the perimeter protection network security include firewalls, routers, and the like. There are also application based firewalls that can protect your network from being accessed unauthorized as well. These are the types of network security that protects and makes sure that blocks data from entering or leaving your network. Also, the perimeter protection includes the implementation of protocols to ensure that the entire network is protected from unauthorized access.

The third of the four types of network security is monitoring. Aside from ensuring that no data leaves or enters your computer system unauthorized, you will need eyes on the entire network – this is monitoring. Monitoring ensures that all parts of the computer system and network are being looked at so that nothing can access the system unauthorized. However, many hackers use monitoring tools when they hack into the system. To them, it is a process where they first observe the normal flow in the network before they hack and access the system and the network as well.

Lastly, we have training and user education. These are the types of network security that involves training and education of the people who will implement the network security protocols. You see, not just because the person knows much about computer systems it means that they can keep your network safe. Of course, you have your specific protocols that you implement and they might not be able to handle it if they are not aware of these things. This is quite important types of network security as these are the ways that one will know his limitations when it comes to the access of network security. Also, security protocols should be updated every so often. Therefore, it is important that everyone that has access of the computer network are aware of these changes to ensure its safety.