Types Of Network Resources

A network resource is anything that is inclusive of media support and communications, both and there are different types of network resources, too. It is made up when more than one person share and address and host name. Telecommunications media is an example of one of the types of network resources. The any device connected to a computer is an example of the types of network resources seeing as how they have something or the other to do with the network that the computer is connected to and to the computer itself.

One of the types of network resources is the router. The router is that our internet is attached to so that we would have access to the internet. A router is something that receives packets from the internet which are forwarded to the computer. These packets are received by the computer so that it can then, make a connection between the internet and the computer that these types of network resources are attached to. These are also part of telecommunications media since the internet is a world of communication and a mode of telecommunication as well.

Then, there are repeaters are hubs and these types of network resources that function differently from the ones mentioned above. What happens with network resources such as repeaters is that these network resources read the signal, repeat it and do so after getting rid of disturbances or anything of the sort that could possibly cause any issue in connecting the laptop or computer to the internet. When a repeater has more than one ports, they are known as hubs which are also certain types of network resources and they have now been replaced by switches.

Switches are also amongst the types of network resources. Certain frames are sent to the port that these are connected to and only those frames that are relevant to the port are sent to it- not all the frames are sent and a switch is able to determine where to make connections or forward the relevant frames though on the basis of the MAC addresses. Where multiple switches are concerned they can also route on the basis of the layer 3 address.

Firewalls are types of network resources as well and they help keep the network secure and free from viruses and hackers by not allowing an unidentifiable or an unrecognizable source to take any action where you connection is concerned. Since there are so many cyber-attacks that take place every few hours, these types of network resources ensure that your network is well-protected though you can manually control these too.

These are some types of network resources though it is believed that those involved in telecommunications would soon be developing other and faster types of network resources as well. In these types of network resources each one of them has played a role in telecommunications and every one of them has had something to do with the way the computer/laptops are attached to the internet too.