Types Of Network Printers

When you are in a network, the types of network printers can help you be able to see a hard copy of what you are doing or writing in the computer system found in that network. You see, printers are basically defined as devices that print whatever the user wants to print on paper. Getting to know the types of network printers can help you be able to identify which printers are nearest you so you won’t have to look far and wide where your print out went.

The most primitive types of network printers are the dot matrix printers. They are called dot matrix printers because they use pins that are stroked to an ink, producing dots to print the things that the user is looking to print. Not a lot of people and businesses use these types of network printers. This is because of the fact that that are known to be expensive and that the quality of the print out is not that good compared to the others. However, these are the only types of network printers that can allow two pages or more to be printed at once and that is something that the other types of network printers cannot do. The dot matrix types of network printers can print from 50 to 500 characters every second. They are known to have up to 24 pins which will pertain to the fineness of the pins and use ribbon as ink.

The inkjet types of network printers are the ones that use ionized ink. The ink is sprayed on the paper where the user is printing. To define the objects and shapes that are being printed, a number of magnetized plates go to work by manipulating the ionized ink. These are known to be able to produce good quality prints and this is why there are many people who use them. The resolution of these types of network printers is per inch 600 dots. Instead of a ribbon, these inkjet printers make use of ink cartridges instead.

Lastly, we have laser types of network printers. These are basically printers that use laser beams to produce the prints that the user is printing. The ink that these laser printers use is called toner. They are able to produce a resolution of 4880 x 2440 dots per inch too and are known to be able to print really quickly.

Photo printers are the printers that are specifically used to print photos.

Thermal printers, on the other hand, are those that make use of thermo chromic paper that is heat coated and heat to produce the print outs. The coating will turn black when heat is applied and this is how these printer types are able to print.

All in one printers are those that can perform many different functions. They can print, scan, and even fax at the same time.

Plotters are the printers that are used to print tarps and other large posters and documents. In other words, these are the giant printers.