Types Of Network In Computer

Different types of network in computer utilize various configurations and vary according to their scope and scale. The networking industry utilizes all the types of network existing and are often referred to as area network. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to the numerous networking options currently available for a user.

1. LAN – local area network

A local area network connects devices over a relatively short distance. Office building, school, residential units, multiple devices in a single house often utilize local area network to connect with each other. A single person or administrator holds complete authority in operating these types of network in computer. A local area network operates in a limited space and makes it easy for a business organization to keep a tab on the entire operation of systems existing in the office.

2. WAN – wide area networking

A wide area networking is a large physical address and covers enormous area. Internet falls under the wide area network and covers the entire earth. A wide area network connects dispersed local area networks grouping them into the geographical sub points. Router is the main element that collects different local area networks and plugs them into the wide area-networking group. The router maintains both the LAN address as well as the WAN address. Unlike the local area network, these types of network in computer have distributed ownership and management. It uses frame relay and X2.5 technology to connect over long distances. The National source for Internet acts as a wide area-networking group for the entire country. It collects the local area networks through Routers and maintains connectivity for a long period.

3. Home networking

Residential units often utilize Internet service provider and employee a single local area network connection to connect to Internet using a broadband modem. The Internet service provider provides a specific WAN IP address to the broadband modem. The modem uses a different LAN IP address to connect to Internet. It is possible for a user to add a number of devices to the broadband modem and router. There is a possibility to allow communication between the devices after they have been added into the home-networking group. However, the communication often goes through the central gateway, in this case, the broadband router. These types of network in computer are widely used across all the residential units in different regions of the globe.

4. Wireless local area network

In this specific networking system, the local area network uses a WiFi network technology in order to transfer and connect computer or device to the local area network.

5. Metropolitan area network

The Metropolitan area network walls in between the local area network and the wide area network. Such a network is specific to a city. It is very useful for an organisation that acts as a single entity in the entire region. These types of network in computer are very rare in existence. However, it gives greater control to the single entity that is operating the entire structure.