Types Of Network Designs

There are different types of network designs that are categorize based on their scope or scale. The common examples of these types of network design are Local Area Network which is also called as LAN, Wide Area Network which is also called as WAN, Wireless Local area Network which can be abbreviated as WLAN, Metropolitan Area Network which can be called as MAN and the Campus Area Network among many other types of network design

The original type of network design is said to Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network. Others have gradually emerged as result of technology evolution.

Local Area Network

Groups of computer in a close proximity such as schools, homes and office building are supplied with network with this type of network design. Local Area Network helps in sharing of resource such as printers, games and other application. LAN occasionally spans a group of nearby building. Local Area Network is typically owned and managed by a single person or organization in addition to its operation in a limited space.

Wide Area Network

Wide Area Network is among the types of network design that span a large geographical area. Smaller networks such Local Area Network or Metro Area Networks can be connected by Wide Area Network. This type of network design uses more expensive networking equipments as compared to Local Area Network. These types of networks are mostly owned by a group of individual or organizations.

Wireless Local Area Network

Wireless Local Area Network is among the types of network design that help in providing wireless network over a short distance. They use radio signals instead of using traditional network cables. Access Points are attached to the edge of wireless network. This type of network can allow the users to access internet outside their work environment.

Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) allows a group of individual or organization to share their resource in a larger region. The areas that this type of network design covers are larger than that of Wide Area Network and Wireless Local Area Network. Generally, they are used by large universities. It is also said that most recent installation is Metropolitan Area Network. A metropolitan area networks are owned by single entities such as large cooperation and government body. Most examples of MAN are found in some parts of Lodz in Poland, Geneva in Switzerland and some areas of London in England.

Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network are types of network design that interconnect networks in given geographical area like universities campus, organizational campuses and or military bases. Campus Area Network is larger than the local area network. These types of network are designed for particular place such as multiple lab and multiple offices in a building that hits the highest point level. In specific kilometers of locality, campus area networks are economical as well as simple to install.

Personal Area Network

Personal Area Networks are types of network designs that allow multiple devices to interconnect to improve the efficiency, convenience and reliability of the system. Personal Area Network can also be built with other technologies such as RFID on smartcards to communicate over a short range.