Types Of Network Connectors

A network connector is used to control the inflow and outflow of information from and to your computer, laptop or smartphone and there are different types of network connectors. Say you are someone sitting in America who wants to interact with someone sitting in Canada- there are certain types of network connectors that would allow you to do so. Without network connectors you wouldn’t be able to interact with the person sitting in Canada because you would not have access to him due to the fact that your internet is not connected to his since the both of you use different networks- the Canadian is using a different network while you may be using a different network. This is where a network connector is used to connect your network to that of someone sitting in another country. This also applies to television- you won’t be able to see channels that are shown in Canada if you are based in, say, Japan, without the use of various types of network connectors.

Different types of network connectors have different pins and features and though they all may be used for the same purpose- the transmission of information- they do so to different extents. Over a period of time different types of network connectors have been made and developed and each of these have different functions: some of these may be used to transfer information from the internet while others are used to upload information that has nothing to do with the internet. Some connectors may be used to link a computer to the motherboard while others may be used to allow smartphone users to use wireless internet. So when talking about different types of network connectors one would generally be referring to internet connectors.

One of the many types of network connectors is the ST connector which was developed by AT&T. ST stands for straight tip connectors and it has been popular for many years but now is being supplanted by smaller and denser connectors that can pack and transfer more information.

Another of the various types of network connectors are the small form factor connectors that are small than straight tip connectors and can handle more traffic and greater inflow or outflow of information as well.

One of the most common types of network connectors is the RJ-45 which is used for the transmission of data for data-intensive networks such as Ethernet. Patch panels are connected to network switches by the RJ-45 and one can also connect a data port to a computer via the RJ-45 which is thicker and wider than the types of network connectors mentioned previously.

The 10G-CX4 as another, more recent, of the various types of network connectors which can function up to a distance of 15 meters and these network connectors are low cost, low power and low latency which is why they are quite popular amongst users too. These types of network connectors are used in manner that is similar to that of the Infiniband Connector.