Types Of Network Cables

With the boom in technology, we will need to learn the different types of network cables as they are used in different technological pieces and other electronic devices. Yes, they are types of network cables but they are quite different from each other and this means that they are best used in different kinds of scenarios and devices as well.

The coaxial cables are the types of network cables that are the most basic. Do you remember the cables that are connected to your TV when you were still using TV antennas? These are the coaxial types of network cables. When it comes to networking, the coaxial cables are known to be able to carry a bandwidth of 10 mbps. They are used and loved by many because of the easy installation procedures of the cables as well as the ease of connection. Because the coaxial cables are made with braided wire as well as metal foil insulation coverings, they are known to be highly resistant to interference. But given that they are probably one of the oldest types of network cables, they are not used as much these days as they can be tapped and they can allow security breach if the right procedures are done.

The twisted pair cables, secondly, are the types of network cables that are most commonly seen being used in local area networks today. As the name implies, these are cables that are comprised of a pair of wires that transmit data by forming a circuit. There are two kinds of these types of network cables being used today, the shielded and unshielded ones. The shielded ones are the ones with better interference resistance between the two, given that they are shielded. This being said, they are able to offer better security for your data. However, the shielded ones can also be tapped with the right equipment. This is why more people are using the unshielded ones now as they are less prone to getting tapped. The data bandwidth rates of the twisted pair cables can vary as well as there are some that can transfer just 4 Mbps and there are others that are able to transfer up to 1 Gbps.

The optical fiber types of network cables are the ones that use optical fibers and glass cylinders to transfer digital data from a device to another. At present, if you want the best networking speeds then these are the types of network cables that you should get. They are known to last a long time as well as a promise of no interference whatsoever. This is because they are not affected by any kinds of electromagnetic interference. This gives them the best security levels and hence used by businesses and other big time networking users. Compared to the other types of network cables, the optical fiber cables are known to be the most expensive. This is because of their make and their performance. In other words, using optical fibers will just give you the networking capabilities that you will pay for.