Types Of Mouse In Computer

The mouse of a computer is an input device which is used to send information to the computer with the help of a click button. Typically, a mouse consists of two buttons present on the top at left and right side of the mouse and in between the two buttons there is a scrolling wheel. There are different types of mouse in computers that vary in size, shape and efficiency. The ball type of mouse in computers is one of the most commonly used all around the world and consists of a rolling ball under it. This type of mouse is also named as mechanical mouse and the sensors present inside the body of the mouse helps in detecting the motion and then transforming it into the data interpreted by the computer. Normally, a mouse pad is used for the better and smooth movement of the device.

An optical mouse is the type of mouse in computers which makes the use of laser in order to detect the movement. Instead of an ordinary pad, the mouse pad made particularly for the optical mice is used. This type of mouse normally doesn’t have any mechanical moving parts and as compared to other types of mouse in computers, the optical mouse responds more rapidly and exactly. The optomechanical type of mouse in computers are quite similar to that of mechanical mouse, the only difference is that these mouse use optical sensors for the movement of the ball. Another type of mouse in computers is of laser mouse in which laser beams are used instead of LED lights. This type of mouse is considered to be very sensitive, precise, and efficient. These user friendly mice are generally used by the people operating computers for extremely skilled and sensitive jobs.

The laser mice are comparatively expensive, but at the same time is energy efficient. The track-ball type of computer mouse apparently looks like an upside down mouse and instead of rolling the mouse, a finger or thumb is used in order to roll the ball on the top of the mouse. Another type of mouse in computers is of stylus mouse that appears like a pen and draws on a specific pad. On the other hand, the cordless mice are the type of mouse in computers which are not attached physically to the computers. These mice actually rely on the infrared waves or radio waves so as to communicate with the computer. The cordless mouse are much costly as compared to other mice, however the plus point is that there is no wire or cord to constrain.

The blue track type of mouse in computer is actually based on the technology of BlueTrack, which helps the mouse to track in an effective way on any surface. The blue beam in this mouse is the combination of image sensor and pixel geometry, and is considered to be almost four times bigger than the laser beam used in the laser mouse.