Types Of Mouse

What are the different types of a mouse? A computer mouse is a pointing device that is used to click and select things on the screen of the computer. There are three main types of mouse, but the recent boom in the technology has brought about many new breakthroughs in “mice” technology. Mice allow users to perform many functions that are dependent in the system.

The first of the three main types of mouse is the mechanical mouse. These are mice that are composed of the three main elements of a mouse – a scroll wheel, two buttons, and a mouse ball. The scroll wheel allows the person to scroll pages from the mouse itself. The two buttons allow the user to click and right click, and the mouse ball is the pointer in the mechanical device. The scroll wheel can also act as the third button that can be used to select multiple things. The sensors of the mechanical mouse can be found within the mouse itself. The pointer is directed when the mouse ball moves as well. Another component of these types of mouse is a mouse pad. This is a pad where the mouse is placed over to ensure that the mouse will work well.

The second of the main types of mouse is the optical mouse. These are the types of mouse that use lasers to detect the movement of a mouse. This is why these types of mouse are called optical. These are the types that do not have any moving parts. There is no need to use a mouse pad as well, as the lasers will be able to effectively detect the movement of the device. Compared to the mechanical mouse, this is more reactive and more precise. This is why this is the most common types of mouse that are used today.

The third of the main types of mouse is the optomechanical mouse. This is technically the combination of the mechanical mouse and the optical mouse. They are hybrids, so to speak. These are more like the optical mouse; however, they employ the use of optical sensors to enable the computer to pick up the signals of the pointer. These types of mouse, however, need the help of a mouse pad to run properly.

Aside from the three main types of mouse, there are also other types that are being used today. First, we have the IR mouse or the radio frequency mouse. These are mouse types that are cordless and make use of the infrared and radio frequencies to allow it to communicate with the computer system.

The trackball mouse is a mouse that is upside down. This function like the normal mouse does. However, the main distinction is that the mouse ball can be found on the top rather than the bottom. Here, you will need to use your index finger or your thumb to roll the mouse ball, enabling you to move the pointer to the different parts of the screen. Here, the mouse does not move at all.