Types Of Media Used For Advertising

Advertising is a very important component of marketing and through the various types of media used for advertising one can promote, persuade and even encourage the audience or customers, in order to increase the sales of their products and services. These mediums can be used by an organization or a firm easily. The major medium used are- broadcast medium (such as television or radio), print media (such as magazines or newspapers), outdoor advertising (such as posters on vehicles, billboards, or displays), advertising through the use of internet, and advertising through other modes such as commercials in theatre halls or in flights, use of telephones, etc.

Broadcast medium which includes television and radio are those types of media used for advertising which are local and where one can reach a large number of audiences in just one single go. Even though one can reach out to such a large audience, broadcast medium lacks the ability where one can reach to a lot of target customers and can get their response. This is mainly because, television and radio are those mediums which are listened and viewed by almost everyone. Thus, it becomes difficult for marketers to get effective response.

Print medium which includes magazines are meant for specific people and thus, one can overcome the disadvantage that a marketer faces in broadcast medium. Through magazines, one is not only able to get the effective response, but one can narrate their experiences as well as can use good quality images. Newspapers are also able to inculcate these features.

Outdoor advertising includes billboards or posters on vehicles. These types of media used for advertising are able to capture the attention of customers instantly and effectively. Most of the time, these billboards are placed on those locations where there is heavy traffic and these come in various sizes, thus, a large number of people get attracted towards these.

Advertising through the use of internet is very helpful if a marketer needs to target a specific audience and if he wants an effective monitoring of responses that come from customers. With the help of websites or email advertising, a marketer can reach people by incurring minimal distribution costs. Through website advertising, a marketer can choose the position where the text has to be placed, can even decide where the delivery of such advertisements should take place and you can even choose the size, accordingly.

Advertising through phones helps in making customers aware about the daily activities that are taking place in your organization and one can even target customers based on their geographical locations. Apart from this, with the help of these types of media used for advertising the customers are able to gather information and are able to contact you easily.

Marketers who are involved in promotion of their business activities should be well versed with all these various types of media used for advertising and should choose the one which will benefit their business. Different mediums solve different purposes, and thus a marketer should be able to monitor these carefully, in order to make its business grow.