Types Of Media Systems

In the world of today the media has played a major and important role in many ways and there are different types of media systems that contribute to the functionality of the media as an entire system. There are many different types of media systems and each one contributes in their own way. Each of these is owned by different parties, organizations and people and that is what these media systems are said to be so different from one another. These systems are all run similarly even if the ownership is in the hands of another party.

State media ownership is one of the 3 main types of media systems. As the name suggests, this involves the control of the state over the media. This could be done for any reason but countries where the state owns the media system generally may include content and channels that are biased and in favor of the state. Some of them may be neutral too but quite a few states do own their media systems and they handle everything where the media system is concerned. Here laws are made and implemented by the state actively in regards to what kind of content can be shown and it isn’t as ‘democratic’ as private owned media systems.

This is the second of the three types of media systems- private owner media system. When a media system is owned by a private body, channel, company, firm or individual it is known as private media and where these of all types of media systems are concerned, there are private companies that handle everything. The content shown on television is usually more ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ as opposed to state owned media systems. Here the channels may be in support of different political systems and the censorship isn’t as strict as it is in state owned media systems. If you take a look at the media systems in the UK, US, Australia and Thailand, you will see that these countries have private owned media systems.

Community owned media systems are also certain types of media systems though they aren’t as prevalent as the last two types of media systems. A certain community is in control of the media in some countries. By way of example, the Christian community in Muslim countries, Muslim community in Hindu countries or the gay community in religious countries has their own types of media systems and forms of media. You will come across community owned media systems in Africa, Canada and South America. In Africa and South America the state and private individuals do not have the funds required to be able to own media systems and so communities with the money have their own media systems.

In some countries you will come across all the types of media systems- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are examples of some of these countries. There are state owned channels and then, there are those that are owned by communities and/or individuals and private groups or organizations too.