Types Of Language In Computers

The computer language consists of a wide range of languages that are used to communicate with the computer. There are different types of languages in computer that are used to perform different types of tasks for the computer. Broadly, the computer languages can be classified into two main types according to their interpretation as assembly level language and high level language. Low level languages are the types of computer languages that are actually codes or similar to that. Normally, a computer is not able to understand the instructions provided in high level languages and can only get the instructions given in the machine language. The low level types of languages in computers are further divided into two types: machine language and assembly language.

The machine language of computer is considered to be the most simple and lowest level of programming language. Basically, the computer can understand only the machine language which is in the form of binary digits of 0 and 1. The machine languages are very helpful in enhancing the efficiency as well as the speed of the computer and needs no translator to translate the code. However, there are certain disadvantages of this type of language in computer like it is quite necessary to remember all the operation codes. In the same way, all the memory addresses should be kept in mind and it is rather difficult to improve or find out any errors in the program written in the machine. Moreover, the machine languages are mainly dependent on machines and can be utilized on only one type of computer.

The assembly language was actually formulated to defeat several inconveniences created in the machine language. This type of language in computers is considered to be low level, but at the same time is quite important in which the codes are provided in the form of alphanumeric symbols in spite of 0’s and 1’s. The assembly language is thought to be very difficult and requires much practice to master it. In addition, this language is very helpful in compiling orientations and the instructions provided to this language can also be converted with the help of a language translator into machine codes.

The high levels are the types of language in computers and it helps people to write different programs easily in the native language of English. Basically, these languages are symbolic languages that make usage of mathematical symbols and English words instead of mnemonic codes. The instructions in this language type can be translated into various machine language instructions. The high-level computer language is further divided into algebra formula-type processing, business data processing, string and list processing, and visual programming language. The high level type of computer language is considered to be very user-friendly and is much quite same to that of English. This language is very easy to learn and needs comparatively less time to write. One of the many benefits of the high level computer language is that it can easily run on any type of computer.