Types Of Computer Languages

What are the different types of languages? Computer languages are the types of syntax or codes used to make and create programs that your computer can run and interpret. In other words, computer languages are, well, how one can talk with the computers. There are three main types of computer language that one can study. Each of these languages will enable you to make programs that will do as you wish.

The oldest of the types of computer languages is the machine language. This is the computer language that is most direct as this is the most basic of the many different computer languages. The codes that you input in this type of computer language will be sent directly to the CPU to be interpreted. Because of this, the types of input in this language are also the most basic – the binary code system. As the word binary means, this coding system is only consisted of two inputs, one and zero. When the input is one, then it means that it is an “on”. On the other hand, if the input is zero, then it means that the input is “off”. Although it may seem very basic and easy, there are many different ways to do the machine language programming. You will need a compiler to interpret the code, too. Therefore, the process can be quite tricky.

The second of the types of computer languages will be the assembly level language. This is the second generation of the computer languages as this is just a tad higher than the machine language. The main difference of the assembly language with the machine language is that it can edit the registry of the computer, allowing the programmer to manipulate the registry and memory of the said computer thorough the codes. The problem with these types of computer language is that it is not reusable – when you have used a certain code in a program, then that’s just about it.

The third types of computer languages are the high level languages. These are the programming languages that are the easiest to code among all the types of computer languages. They have the lowest tendencies to produce bugs too, as they are the codes that are most readable to humans. In general the high level languages use the concept of constructing the extremes and abstracting what is needed. Many programming choose to use this as this is the one resembling the English language the most. No zeros and ones involved, you can use codes such as “print” if you want to print something and “write” if you want to display something on the monitor.

You see, from these three main types of computer languages, there are sub types and classes of computer languages. The computer languages are much like the human language as well. As these types of computer languages are the main languages such as English and the sub types would be the dialects. You don’t need to be a geek to learn these things, as long as you know how to communicate, then you can easily learn the many different types of computer languages.