Types Of Kindles

What are the different types of kindles? In 2007, Amazon.com introduced the new Kindle e-reader and it rapidly reached its success that by 2010 in the month of July, Kindle e-books outperformed their traditional counterparts which are the hardcover books in sales. Since their first release, there have been some changes yet their purpose are the same and that is to hold in digital formats a wide range of books. Not only that but also users of Kindle devices are able to read, browse, download and shop for e-books, blogs, newspapers, magazines and some digital media through wireless networking. There are various types of Kindles available on the market one can only choose.

The many types of Kindles are categorized into the so-called ‘five generations’ plus the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire. The 1st generation includes the ‘Kindle’ or otherwise known as the ‘Kindle 1st Generation.’ The 2nd generation consists of the ‘Kindle 2,’ ‘international version Kindle 2,’ ‘international version Kindle DX,’ ‘Kindle DX’ and ‘Kindle DX Graphite.’ The 3rd generation includes the ‘Kindle Keyboard 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi.’

Kindle– Otherwise known as the ‘Kindle 1st Generation’ is one of the types of Kindles which was released by Amazon on the 19th of November in 2007 and considered to be the single Kindle that possesses an expandable memory through the card slot (SD). Its internal memory consists of 250 MB which can contain around 200 titles that are non-illustrated.

Kindle 2- This is one of the types of Kindles belonging to the 2nd generation which was announced by Amazon on the 10th of February in 2009. It has the ‘text-to-speech’ option that means the text can be read aloud. It has an internal memory of 2GB. It can store around 1500 books that are non-illustrated and is slimmer compared to the first kindle.

International Version Kindle 2-The Kindle’s international version was announced by Amazon on the 7th of October in 2009. This is one of the types that has the capacity to download titles considered to be new in more than 100 countries. Its design is similar to the Kindle sold only in the USA; however the standard for the mobile network it uses is different.

International Version Kindle DX– This model was first shipped in a hundred countries on the 19th of January in 2010. It has a serial number that starts in ‘B005.’

Kindle DX- This is one of the types of kindles which was announced by Amazon on the 6th of May in 2009. This kindle has a screen larger than the typical Kindle and can support basic PDF files. It is especially designed for displaying textbook and newspaper content.

Kindle DX Graphite– The types of kindles include the Kindle DX Graphite which was released by Amazon on the 1st of July in 2010. It has a serial number that starts in ‘B009.’It is a combination of the software of the 2nd generation and the hardware of the 3rd generation.

Kindle Keyboard– This is one of the types of kindles with two versions: the Kindle Wi-Fi which has access to the Internet through Wi-Fi networks and the Kindle 3G which utilizes the wireless signals as well for downloading and purchasing content.

Kindle Fire– This is the latest and most advanced version of the Amazon e-book reader.