Types Of Kidney Diseases

What are the different types of kidney diseases? Kidney diseases are basically the disorders related to the kidneys, which are two essential organs of the human body used to remove the waste products. In addition, kidneys also help to create certain necessary hormones and regulate the level of various chemicals in out body. The regulation of several crucial components such as potassium, salt, and acid content is mainly performed by the kidneys. The diseases related to the kidneys affects one or both of the kidneys and mainly include inflammation of the dribbling parts of the kidneys. The kidney diseases can be hereditary, indigenous, or in some cases acquired.

There are different types of kidney diseases which are caused due to different causes and demonstrate different symptoms. Acute and chronic kidney diseases are the main types of kidney diseases and the treatment procedure of both these types is also different. The acute type of kidney disease arises suddenly, whereas the chronic disease develops after a long time. However, the exact identification of the kidney disease is quite necessary for a proper and timely treatment. One of the main and common types of kidney disease is of polycystic, in which a large number of cysts are created in the kidneys. Some of these cysts are not much harmful, but the remaining ones gradually enlarge and substitute the volume of the kidney.

Pyelonephritis is also considered to be one of the common types of kidney diseases that basically denote the kidney infection. In other words this disease is named as infection of the urinary tract and is commonly caused by a bacterial infection. Renal acidosis is also a type of kidney disease in which various acid products are collected in the blood which could not be eliminated completely by the kidney. In some of the cases, this type of kidney disease increases the heart rate of the patient and also creates shortness of breath.

Another common disorder of the kidney is of kidney stones which are very common all around the world. When these stones in the kidney pass, they create a lot of pain which is very severe in the back and sides of the body. The stone in the kidney can be created due to any inherited disorder or because of any infection. Another widely seen type of kidney disease is of nephritis, which is caused chiefly due to the inflammation produced in the kidney. Besides inflammation, there are many other causes of this type of diseases such as gout, specific poisons, certain medications, various metabolic disorders, and autoimmune nephritis etc.

Another commonly found type of kidney disease is named as haemangiomas which are actually tumors that can be formed in any body organ or tissue. In this type of disease, normally blood is found in the urine which can lead to several serious diseases. Besides common diseases, there are many rare type of kidney disease like hyper filtration, advanced clinical nephropathy, renal insufficiency and many more. Nevertheless, most of the types of kidney diseases can be treated in the early stages with the help of proper medication.