Types Of Key Management

Key management is basically used for the denoting of a product key prior to the installation of certain software for a computer and that is why there are different types of key management in the world today. There are primarily two types of key management services that are used nowadays- some are used for the storage, generation, replacement, use and exchange of keys of certain sorts while others are used between user and/or systems. You know how you can use some networks at offices while others cannot? That is because of the key management. However, this is required for cryptography. Cryptography is simply an abstract protocol that applies functions related to security.

One of the types of key management is multicast group key management system which involves management of the keys in the form of group communication. The only issue is that it has poor security and so, to solve this issue, different keys are given to all users. This allows the various users to encrypt messages and send them secretly without anyone else being aware of the activity. This is used because the message has only to be sent once so that other users can get it as well. This is one form of key management that is used in offices and in work places of the sort frequently.

Then there is enterprise key management. In such cases security is important and the keys need to be used with certificates to ensure maximum security. Without security very sensitive and important communication and systems can be accessed and then circulated which would possibly put the enterprise at risk. You know how, in movies, they show all these places where the villain gets in and uses a few passwords to be able to access documents and/or intercept communication while two people communicate? Well, that is similar to what would happen in such types of key management due to lack of or poor security.

There are also certain types of key management systems where certificates are used for the authentication of the keys and for the encryption of public keys too. These are used on the internet- or more specifically on the World Wide Web but in other forms. In all types of key management the main problem has been having to deal with so many keys all around the world. In addition to this, the possibility of hackers getting into the system and getting their hands on to information that is important and secretive to a company is, always present and because there are so many keys to manage this could be a big problem. This is also why there are so many viruses that could affect our laptops and computers too.

Plus, the pressure of ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the government rules and policies makes things even more challenging to handle-every government has information that it wants not to be seen by others as it could put their county and/or their citizens at risk as well.