Types Of Jobs For Teenagers

If you are a teenager looking for a summer job, there are several types of jobs for teenagers to earn some money. It is wise to seek some employment opportunities that will enable you get exposed to the labor market while earning some cash in the process. You can work in restaurants, amusement parks, sports venues, retail store, beaches, resorts, summer camps, and amusement parks. Here are different types of jobs for teenagers:

Amusement Park Jobs

Water and amusement parks are always looking for young people to hire as lifeguards, musicians, dancers, singers, maintenance workers, concession staff, ride monitors, and ticket takers.

Hospitality Jobs

These types of jobs for teenagers are largely available. Resort towns provide great summer holiday opportunities including front desk and housekeeping jobs. They can work as counter workers, waiters, bussers, and kitchen assistants. The kind of job you apply for will depend on your taste and the availability of such jobs at that moment. But there are no shortages of hospitality types of jobs for teenagers.

Summer Camp Jobs

Teenagers can work in summer camps as office staff, maintenance workers, kitchen staff, waterfront staff, activity staff, and counselor.

Outdoor Summer Jobs

An outdoor summer job is ideal for those who love working outdoors. A very good example of these types of jobs for teenagers is a seasonal farm job. During summer, farms seek helping hands to help them water, weed, and general crop maintenance. A lot of local farms own retail outlets and need workers to keep, display, and sell their vegetables and fruits. Another ideal place to work is at a local nursery where you will be expected to transplant shrubs, trees, and other types of plants. Workers here ensure that plants receive enough water while weeds are removed to make sure that the plants grow well.

Jobs for Animal Lovers

If you love animals and would love to spend your summer holidays with little pets, there are different types of jobs for teenagers in this category. Animal shelter, equine center, animal parks, zoo, hospital, veterinary clinic, and pet stores all need animal workers that will help them take care of the animals under their care. You mustn’t be an animal expert to work in these places but a love of animals might be enough. The job of an animal attendant is to exercise, groom, and feed the animals and also clean up the place they are housed. Those workers at equine centers have the duty to exercise, water, feed, groom, brush, and bath the horses at the appropriate times.

Jobs for Sports Fans

Race tracks, sports teams, and stadiums all need seasonal workers as maintenance workers, souvenir sellers, concession stand workers, and ticket sellers. These types of jobs for teenagers are widely available during the summer especially where there is a sporting activity going on. These organizations equally hire people for internship services to help with administrative functions, promotions, marketing, and communications. Those people who have special interest in the sports field can avail the opportunity whenever it presents itself for internship jobs. This will enable them gain experience for certificate roles in the future.