Types Of Human Blood Cells

When you generally think about blood you wouldn’t imagine that it is made of so many things but even where the blood is concerned there are different types of human blood cells that constitute, form and make up the blood. Each of these contributes to the functionality of the blood and each one of these is also actually used in different ways and for different purposes but without the existence of any types of human blood cells, we wouldn’t be able to survive. The blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells and what are known as platelets.

Red blood cells are those types of human blood cells that are important for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. These are required in order to keep us alive and they usually consist of hemoglobin, which requires iron, to be able to absorb and transport oxygen in the body as well. If you go to places where the altitude is high you will see that some people are pale in color where the complexion is concerned and that is because these types of human blood cells are in lower numbers as compared to someone living in places where the temperature is normal and bearable. Certain people have sickled red blood cells which could eventually lead to the death of the sufferer because they do not consist of the amount of hemoglobin that is required to transport oxygen throughout the body and that is how these types of human blood cells may eventually cause death.

White blood cells are those types of human blood cells which the body needs in order to combat diseases and be able to fight against certain types of diseases. They are an important part of the immune system and are produced by the bone marrow. They combat any foreign diseases and are able to help us survive. Have you ever heard of HIV and AIDS? These two viruses are as destructive as they are said to be because of the fact they get rid of these types of human blood cells which is why it is easy for viruses to attack the body. Something as simple as a cold or flu can become pneumonia and this happens because there aren’t enough white blood cells that can combat the viruses. This is why these types of human blood cells are considered to be so important.

Another of the many types of human blood cells is the platelet. What these do is that they form blood clots in the body though these blood clots are required to stop excessive bleeding. If, for some reason, you get a cut on your hands, you would need these clots in order to prevent your body from bleeding excessively- otherwise you could lose a lot more blood than the average person. A hemophiliac is someone who has such issues and they suffer from excessive bleeding as a result of a low platelet count. These types of human blood cells are important because they help keep the blood contained within the body.