Types Of Hr Jobs

There are various types of HR jobs out there that one can get involved in. The fact that there is so much variety and diversity is what makes these jobs so appealing and you just need to know how to communicate with people to be able to do well in these jobs. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can just work and ask for a job- there are certain factors that would be considered but when it comes to any one of the many types of HR jobs, good communication skills would help you go a long way.

The first of the various types of HR jobs is recruitment. As the title of the job suggests, it requires a person to hire people for suitable jobs within a company/organization. So, such a person would, for example, be required to find good pharmacists for their company. Or a person working for a fashion magazine may be required to find writers who can writer. Usually recruitment is handled by a separate department because other employees in the organization are too busy carrying out their jobs. A recruiter knows of the traits, skills and kind of personality required by his/her company and so, is in search of someone who is suitable for the job.

Then, another of many types of HR jobs is that of the interviewer. Again, as the title suggests, this requires a person to ask the potential employee questions to see whether or not he would be good for the job. The interviewer and the recruiter may be two different people or they may be the same person. Sometimes the recruiter simply advises his senior colleagues to check out a person who seems to possess the qualities suitable for a particular job. The senior colleague would then interview the recommended candidate to assess whether or not he/she would fit in the organization.

Training and development, the third of the common types of HR jobs, involves just that- training employees and helping employees develop a set of skills that they would need to work a job. So, for example, if a person is hired as a marketer, such a person would train the marketer so that he/she is aware of the kind of marketing scheme they need to promote themselves, their products or services. In the process they are helping the marketer develop skills that would help the marketer promote that specific organization.

Of the various types of HR jobs, one of the most crucial jobs is that of deciding how to pay or compensate employees and that is handled by people who specially analyze the job and decide how much every job in the company is worth. They also decide the perks and benefits of various kinds of jobs.

Regardless of the types of HR jobs, the HR department of any industry or company is very important because it is this department which helps a company grow and progress while taking different factors into account (including finance, hiring employees and such like).