Types Of Houseplants

If you are planning to have some greens inside your home, then you better get to know the types of houseplants. There are many of them, actually. There are many different types of houseplants that you can choose to put inside your home to make it greener and look better. Of course you should be able to choose the right types of houseplants so as to be able to make sure that they will grow inside your home.

The Norfolk Island Pine types of houseplants are plants that are mostly seen inside the house during the Christmas season. This is because of the fact that these trees somehow look like small pine trees. They have pinned leaves that have edges like it too and they are great as gifts. To be able to make sure that your Norfolk Island Pine plants will stay healthy longer, make sure that you put it in a place that gets the right amount of sunlight and humidity.

There are many people who love to get pepromia types of houseplants. There are many different species of these types of houseplants. There are some that are red and there are some that are just green. There are some that have narrow margins and there are some that have thick ones too. There are many people who love these types of houseplants because they come in many colors and varieties. They can grow only up to a foot tall too. Just a reminder, place these plants inside your home if you do not have pets inside as they are known to be poisonous to them.

The Chinese Evergreen are very common types of houseplants as well. They are loved because of the silvery gray and green leaves. They are able to brighten areas of your home that have low light as well. This is why there are many people who love these plants. Also, these plants are pretty easy to maintain. They are tough and they can last inside the house looking perfect for the longest time.

The Dracaena types of houseplants are those that have upright stems and multi-colored leaves. There are many who love this because of the corn stalk like look that they bring – but do not have ears. The colorful variety of these houseplants is really great indoors as they can bind the many colors that you may have inside your home. There are dracaenas that can grow up to 10 feet tall. There are others, however, that can grow only up to 2.

The Snake types of houseplants are a favorite too. They are known to be nearly indestructible. They have great looking leaves that are shaped like a sword too. Even when you place them in areas that do not have much light, you can rest assured that they will last a long time looking their best still. These plants can grow up to 4 feet. Just a reminder about the snake plants – make sure that you do not over water them as they will develop root rots if you do.