Types Of Countertops

What are the different types of countertops? When considering types of countertops for one’s home, personal preference and cost are two major contributors to buyer selection. Other factors may include durability or ease of installation. Several popular types of countertops include tile, granite, stainless steel, and marble. Each type is different in appearance and cost, but typically one’s decision comes down to a matter of aesthetics and finances. Types of countertops can dramatically affect the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom, setting a definite tone and atmosphere to the space in question. A vivid and eclectic mixture of tiling, for instance, might not appeal to one with more conservative preferences and vice versa.

Tile countertops are types of countertops which may be extraordinarily simple or highly elegant in design. Tile countertops range in variety from the mass-produced and uniform to the carefully imported or the lovingly hand-painted. Tile countertops are the chameleons of countertops as they can be either soft and single-colored as they blend into the background, or bubbly and bold as they immediately catch the eye. In terms of durability, tile countertops fall behind in competition with sturdier materials such as steel. On the other hand, they can add a unique and personal touch to a kitchen or bathroom. The price range for these types of countertops can vary dramatically depending on the quality and amount of tile needed to cover a surface, and as such, one frequently finds highly ornamental tiling used in interior design as a backsplash rather than as a working surface.

Other types of countertops, such as granite, are extremely durable, particularly when compared to tile countertops. As a material, however, granite can be rather expensive due to its resistance to damage. It is often sought after for its attractiveness and its sturdiness. Similarly, marble is a type of countertop which falls into the more expensive types of countertops category because it radiates refinement, but unlike marble, it is a far less durable material. Marble, unfortunately, is prone to becoming inadvertently scratched or damaged over time by the owner, and it is therefore considered far more of a luxury item than other types of countertops.

Stainless steel is one of the more popular types of countertops today. Contemporary and clean, it is prized for its sleek and shiny appearance, its simplicity, and its extreme ease of maintenance. Frequently found in restaurants or minimalist interiors, stainless steel is somewhat less expensive on average than granite or marble countertops, though one must keep in mind that cost is almost always dependent on the amount of material needed for a given area. Stainless steel is sometimes prone to displaying fingerprints, but these can be quickly wiped away with a cloth or sponge and returned to a spotless state. In terms of durability, stainless steel offers strong competition to other types of countertops, as it is less likely to chip; however, scratches or marks on stainless steel countertops are possible, and so with all countertops, one must consider the cost of potential replacement compared to possible damage.