Types Of Heart Cancer

types of heart cancer

Heart cancer is a rarely discussed term and most people are very much confused if heart cancer is something that really exists or not. The fact is that heart cancer exists but occurs only in very rare cases and this is the reason why most people are unaware of heart cancers.

Heart cancers occur only in rare cases and it can be either malignant or benign tumors but most of the reported cases are benign tumors only. The different types of heart cancers are primary tumors and secondary tumors of the heart.


Primary tumors are the types of heart cancer that are extremely rare and grow from the normal tissues, which makes the heart. Whether this tumor that arises from the normal tissues will spread to other parts depends on several factors.


Most of the primary types of heart cancer are benign tumors and are not so dangerous. Among the benign tumors, most common type is myxoma. Myxoma is the tumor that arises in the primitive connective tissue.

Benign tumors constitute to around 77 percentages of all primary heart cancers.


Malignant types of heart cancer are very rare and primary tumors get malignant only in extremely rare cases. Among all primary tumor cases, malignat tumors constitute only about 20 percentages and there are many different types of malignant primary tumors such as myxosarcomas, fibrosarcomas etc.


Valvular tumors are the types of primary tumors that occur to the valves of the heart. These types of cancers occur in an equal probability on all four valves of the heart. Valvular tumors are also extremely rare.

Primary tumors cannot be considered to be fatal in a direct way but they can be lethal because the tumors can cause blocks in heart valves and other parts and also interrupt the electrical system of heart resulting in heart failure.


Secondary types of heart cancer are the tumors that occur in heart due to the process of metastasis caused by other types of cancer in the body. Metastasis means the process by which the cancerous tumors of any organ in the body spread to other parts, causing the growth of tumor in those parts. The chances of secondary heart tumors are comparatively high because spreading of cancer in the body is quite unpredictable. Secondary heart tumors are the types of heart cancer that can be dangerous and even cause death. However, there is no particular reason for secondary heart tumors apart from metastasis.

It is very much clear that the cancer of heart is very rare and not dangerous in most cases. An early diagnosis is very much helpful in the treatment of such types of cancers. The reported cases of heart cancers are very less and death cases are also extremely rare. However, the secondary heart diseases can be fatal but the reason for such deaths cannot be directly attributed to heart cancer because the diseases was triggered by another reason.