Types Of Goldfish

Types of goldfish:

There are various types of goldfish depending on their size, color and look. The goldfish is none other than a freshwater fish that lives in the family of Cyprinid. These are considered as the first among the other species of fish that get selected as a pet and they are the most commonly kept aquarium fish. These are really attractive as compared to the other types of fish. Goldfish are communal animals that like to live into the groups. There are several different types of goldfish are available that show a wide variety in colors, shapes, sizes and living habits.

A wide range by means of color is available. Goldfish can appear in red, calico, black, white, olive green, light brown, blue and dark brown colors. It has found that some goldfish have ability to change their colors as per the surrounding climate. The different types of goldfish can be listed as Black Moor, Oranda, Ranchu, Tosakin, Shubunkin, Butterfly tail, Tamasaba, Meteor, Celestial eye, Lionchu, and much more. Some of these types of goldfish are explained below.

Black moor milieu goldfish:

These are always found in black color. These types of goldfish have normal eyes, whereas telescopic eyes have also been found in some cases.

Bubble eye milieu goldfish:

These are fancy in nature. These types of goldfish have twin tail. Usually their eyes are found bordered by a liquid sac. Their body has a shape that resembles to the shape of an egg. The availability of colors is limited to the metallic brown and orange. These are also available in other color variations such as red, red-white combined, gold, black, and calico.

Celestial eye milieu goldfish:

These goldfish have a special sign of telescopic eyes. Dorsal fin is unavailable in this type of goldfish. As compared to other types of goldfish, these goldfish are the best to keep in a tank without the Celestial eyes. Their eyes are always uphill oriented.

Comet milieu goldfish:

Comet goldfish have a lengthened body structure with uniformly bent dorsal and ventral curves. Unlike the other types of goldfish, these goldfish are light weighted and shallow. These are available in variety of colors such as red-orange and lemon blonde.

Fantail milieu goldfish:

The fantail goldfish have petite body structure. The body bloom of fantail goldfish turns variable and it depends on the formation level and pigmentation.

Lion-head milieu goldfish:

These are the most common among other types of goldfish. These can be found in short body structure. They have got an egg like body. These are called as lion-head just because they have the broad head that look exactly like a head of lion. Dorsal fin is unavailable.

Oranda milieu goldfish:

These are also regarded as red-cap goldfish. Oranda goldfish has short and deep body structure. Their eyes are always sharp and telescopic in nature. Several combinations on colors are available such as red-white, yellow-brown etc.

Pearlscale milieu goldfish:

These goldfish have got pearl shape body. Each scale on their body is domed, raised and centered that give the appearance of pearl shape.

These are the most common types of goldfish. Apart from this, there are tons of other types. Since there is a huge variety in colors, sizes, living habits, shapes and voices, it is little bit tricky to introduce the each and every type of goldfish.