Types Of Genres Writing

Whether you are writing professionally or not, getting to know the types of genres writing is always a must. You see, not a lot of people know that writing can be a difficult task. Not all people can write these types of genres writing and this is why it is important that they are well understood at all times.

The descriptive types of genres writing are the ones that will let writers choose the tone of the writing pieces. Descriptive essays are part of these as well and they are often found in descriptive and narrative poems by many. In these types of genres writing the important part is that the writers are able to specify the details. As the name implies, this is descriptive writing therefore you will need to describe your topic the best way you know how so that the writing will be powerful and effective.

The expository types of genres writing are where the writers will need to fuse information. These are basically essays and autobiographies where their opinions can matter and take effect the most. Here the writers will have a certain set of directions and sequences on how they will do them one by one. The writers must be able to explain problems and how they will be solved as well as cause and effect happenings in the topic that they are writing about.

The journals and letters types of genres writing are the ones that pertain to sending out your thoughts and feelings. Included here are business letters and friendly messages, even the email messages and learning logs are part of these. The writer is getting himself known to the people who he wants his writing piece to be read. This is why these are a lot less formal as they will share the things that are in their minds and from their hearts.

The narrative types of genres writing pertain to the ones where writers are able to tell stories. They can write sequels as well here and they can write fictions too if they want to. Examples of these narrative types of genres writing include retelling stories and story scripts. Just remember that when you are writing narratives you must be able to specify to the reader the beginning, end and middle or conflict of your written story.

The persuasive types of genres writing are those that aim to persuade the people who are reading them. This is why advertisements are the perfect examples of these types of genres writing. Some other examples of these are letters to editors and movie or book reviews. Just make sure that you are able to support your writing with evidence and you will be able to finish well all these for sure.

Poetry writing belongs to this list as well, as these are genres of writing too. Here the writers are looking to paint a picture by using syllabication and rhyming patterns. This is why these are also known to be word play. Examples of these would be color poems as well as haikus from Japan. Songs and ballads belong to these as well, you might just want to know this as a fact.