Types Of Genres Of Stories

If you love reading, then you must be able to understand the types of genres of stories. You see, there are many of them that exist. Each one of them have their own traits and characteristics that you will surely love and long to be able to see. Well, without further ado, these are some of the most famous types of genres of stories.

Adventure is very common. Whether you are talking about movies or types of genres of stories, you will get to see lots of adventure ones that you can really enjoy reading. These are the stories that involve lots of escapades that will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat.

Airport novels are types of genres of stories that pertain to stories that have plots that revolve around airports as well as airline passengers. A travelogue, on the other hand, is a story wherein the characters as well as the story itself will travel around a lot.

Black comedies are types of genres of stories that make you laugh. They, however, get the comedy from the misfortune of the characters. Satires are comedies too but they focus on how we have shortcomings like vanity, greed, and arrogance.

Crime types of genres of stories are the ones that will show you different kinds of crimes and how they are solved. Of course there will be times when they cannot be solved too.

Epic types of genres of stories are those that pertain to heroes and their heroic deeds. It can be fact and it can be fiction too.

Fantasy types of genres of stories are stories that will take you to different lands with fairies, giants, and other mythical creatures and the like.

Gothic types of genres of stories are the ones that will show you strange and terrifying events and deeds. Horror, on the other hand, are stories that are spine tingling. A thriller is different too as it is a hybrid genre. It combines horror, suspense, adventure and sometimes even action, sometimes even fantasy too.

Melodramas are types of genres of stories that are drama exaggerations while parodies are the stories that mock others that have already been written by others.

Romance is a love story, a story that gives hope to people who have had their hearts broken already. But when you hear of a romantic comedy story then it is romance that is light and that you will have a good time reading and relating to as it ends with all characters being fine.

Science fiction stories are those that make use of science and technology. They are the ones where there are robots, spaceships and aliens that are from far, far away galaxies.

Tragedies are stories that do not end well. These are stories that focus on the catastrophes and other unfortunate events. A tragic comedy story is one that can still make you laugh but there are many heart breaking parts here that can still make you feel like someone broke your heart.