Types Of Genres Of Books

types of genres of books

Every book lover would have his own favorite genre which they would like to first pick up the moment they visit a library or a book fair. Truth being told, the different types of genres of books that you find these days is unbelievable, it’s almost like having a different genre for different mood, if that’s what you are looking for.

However, what exactly does the word ‘genre’ mean? You find the classification existing in almost every aspect of life, may it be books, music, movies, TV channels and more.

What is the meaning of genre?

The word is associated with something that is used to describe a category inside music, literature or any other subject. It is basically a classification of work that shares the same terms, characterization or even technique. The word is supposedly derived from French word ‘genus’ which means ‘sort’ or ‘type’. The reason why we have genres in every aspect of life is because it helps us understand or identify a certain classification and we know what to expect when we pick up a genre. There are different types of genres of books and every time you walk into a library or a book fair, you will notice that books are classified according to the types of genres of books which make it easier for you to select the one that you like.

types of genres of books:

Fiction – this is one of the most popular types of genres of books. Fiction is all about imaginary all make-believe stories or incidents. Fiction is one of those types of genres of books that have a lot of subdivisions do it and they have generally found in novels. Fiction has subdivisions like

* science fiction,

* romance, popular work,

* historical fiction,

* Fantasy

* mystery

* Thriller

* Horror

Nonfiction – this is the next most popular types of genres of books. This is the exact opposite of fiction and is generally found in literature. These are incidents that are based on actual facts and have many that subdivisions compared to fiction. Although a lot of people are interested in reading nonfiction types of genres of books, yet the number of people interested in fiction is higher.

Examples of nonfiction are:

* Autobiographies

* Biography

* Encyclopedia

* Dictionary

* Almanacs

If you have a chance of visiting a library or a book fair you will notice that the books are segregated according to types of genres of books including the subdivision of fiction. Nonfiction again has a separate section, but that would be a very few people demanding the same.

Almost all new writers concentrate more on bringing out fiction types of genres of books because it is more popular among the public, it’s easy to market, there is a huge industry for the same and the competition is higher. Almost every other normal that you pick up today is based on fiction types of genres of books. School libraries generally have a lot of nonfiction books.