Types Of Genres Literature

The different types of genres literature have all had their own strengths and weaknesses. They will show you many different ways to express your thoughts and feelings through words and this is why it is very important that you are able to familiarize yourself with the types of genres literature have. Literature is an art. It is the art that covers written work. The most common examples of literary work include plays, poems, and novels.

The types of genres literature have are not too many. As a matter of fact, there are only two types of literature have. These two are fiction and nonfiction. There are many different genres under these two, though. But being able to identify the types of genres literature have will give you a pretty good idea of how you can categorize your written work.

The nonfiction types of genres literature have are basically stories and other written work that involves the real life experiences and stories. In other words, nonfiction pertains to facts and truths being narrated into literary work.

Narrative nonfiction types of genres literature have are those that tell a story. Essays are short types of genres literature have that often reflect the opinion or outlook of the writer. Biographies are types of genres literature that tells the life story of a person, while an autobiography is the life story of the writer himself.

Fiction types of genres literature are those that are made up stories and written work. There are many different kinds of fiction and this is why you have to get to know them as well. Drama belongs to the types of genres literature wherein the literary piece is presented in a dramatic way. Poetry is rhythmic writing that will evoke emotional response. Fantasy types of literature will bring you to an imaginary world, while humor will make you happy and glad. Folklores are written literary work that is handed down to generations and generations, while a fable is a story that demonstrates truth through an extraordinary folk. Fairy tales are literature that will introduce you to magical creatures and horror are scary pieces of writing that will give you the feeling of fright and terror. Science fiction is those that show potential science impacts, realistic fiction is a story that is possible in real life, and historical fiction is a story that shows fictitious characters that are in a real and historical fashion. A legend is as story about how something begun, while a tall tale is a humor story with exaggerations at that.

There are many different genres of literature. This is because of the fact that there are indeed quite a lot of ways that people can express their art through writing. Being able to get to know these different genres of literature, you will be able to enjoy the stories as you will know what they are really about. Undeniably, literature is a rich area that should be explored whether you are a writer or not. Try it for yourself, write something for each of these types and see how you will enjoy it.